The Eyry, Indore

My Delicious Journey

The Eyry has been on my list for so long since I heard about it from the fellow foodies. They usually have some workshops going on alongside. As the name translates to “Bird’s Nest”, the ambiance doesn’t really go with it.

Well, their menu is quite impressive to look at. It offers a wide variety of dishes with catchy names and great combinations. I tried their “The Giant Wheel”, basically a flat egg pizza served with few sides. It was bland and left my taste buds flavorless. I also had a “Multani Seekh Kebab”, a clay oven cooked minced chicken mixed with garlic, mint, fried onions and cheese. The chicken didn’t seem to be fresh and was rubbery to chew. I couldn’t finish the dish and had to walk away with leftovers. The prices definitely do not justify the dish they serve.

At least the ambiance here will win your…

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Bohemyan Blue, Alibaug

My Delicious Journey

Bohemyan Blue offers a luxury cabin & tent stay alongside a lovely cafe. It is almost one of those houses turned into cafes place with the owners residing right on the 1st floor. The wedding ceremony of Milind Soman brought this place more into the limelight.

They serve the Mediterranean, Lebanese and Konkani style food. I loved the view of how the owner lady keeps on guiding in the food preparation since they have an open kitchen. Their menu looks interesting. I had a pan fried chicken in Lebanese style, served with flatbread, tahini dip, mint chutney, and salad. It was a delicious blend of Lebanese herbs. I also savored their Konkani style fish curry, prepared with coconut milk and served with rice. There was an inconsistency in the curry and the fish too tasted bland. I don’t know if that’s how a Konkani dish is made. It’s a bit…

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Behold the Beefless ‘Impossible Whopper’

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Burger King is introducing a Whopper made with a vegetarian patty from the start-up Impossible Foods. The deal is a big step toward the mainstream for start-ups trying to mimic and replace meat. OAKLAND, Calif. — Would you like that Whopper with or without beef? from Pocket via…

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I Love Sandwich House, Ahmedabad

My Delicious Journey

I Love Sandwich House has opened in the place of our (atleast mine) very loved Qwiches, with a more refined interior and a comfortable seating area. It definitely is a recommended place in the S.G. Highway area to hang out with the good food.

One thing that impressed me about this place is that the waiter didn’t ask us for a mineral or regular water but served us with a lemon and mint infused water. That’s innovative and refreshing. I’m not a big fan of sandwiches but absolutely loved their menu which has so much to offer be it veg or non-veg. And will make you wonder what not to order. I had their “Grilled Halloumi Cheese & Tomato” sandwich from the artisan sandwich section. It was fulfilling and delish. The prices are a bit on the higher side but worth it.

The ambiance here is vibrant and young. The…

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Devil’s Food Cake

Originally posted on snapshotsincursive:
What’s Cooking in Gail’s Kitchen? Take a Seat at the Table: Devil’s Food Cake! Sometimes all you crave is a slice of good old-fashioned chocolate cake like your grandma used to make, before Betty Crocker introduced the world to cake mixes. It’s very simple, really. Take a walk down Memory Lane…

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Glazz, Indore

My Delicious Journey

Glazz is a newly opened pub & restro lounge in the city, located right on the sides of Chappan Dukan. It definitely has an unmatched ambiance and has nothing to do with the “glass” as the name reflects, but is about all things glittery with posh aura.

I visited this place during lunch hours and was definitely too early for a pub experience. I believe it’s more lively after the dusk. They serve a wide variety of veg and non-veg (but hardly two fish dish) meals. I ordered a “Lemon and Basil Fish with Herb Rice”, the fish was very savory & fresh, and the rice served on the side was well blended with the herbs. I also had an “Italian Fajita Pasta Sizzler (NON-VEG)”, when the dish arrived it seemed to be a vegetarian one, but the waiter said it has tiny chopped chicken pieces (I didn’t find one)…

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Grandmama’s Cafe, Mumbai

My Delicious Journey

Grandmama’s Cafe is definitely among the must-visit cafes of Mumbai. I happen to land at their Dadar outlet while looking for a power breakfast in the neighborhood. I’m writing this review after almost a two-year visit to this place but the memories are still crisp.

They offer a fusion of Indian, Italian and Parsi food recipes. The food from Grandmama’s kitchen will surely give you a homely feeling. Their menu, in fact, is quite fun to read with those little as we call it “दादी माँ के नुस्खे” from Italy to India. The dishes are mostly tilted toward healthy food. I ordered one basic waffle, served hot with maple syrup and topped with ice-cream. It was delish till the last bite. I had a blue lagoon cooler on the side to keep up with the morning refreshment. The price is very rational for the food quality offered.

The cafe interior…

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AJA-Fresh, Grilled & Healthy, Chandigarh

My Delicious Journey

AJA is said to be a spirit of herbal healing in African mythology. I couldn’t have asked for a better breakfast deli. They offer a blend of African meals, smells of European kitchens, sounds of Asian stalls & the taste of the Americas. It’s one of the very few cafes in the country offering ‘Vegan Food’.

It’s amazing how they let you enjoy your meals and be healthy at the same time. I never knew a pizza could be healthy until I tried one of theirs. Apart from being topped with organic veggies, it had a whole wheat base and was vegan-friendly. I also had a ‘Spicy Tofu’ wrap, a perfect blend of various spices yet healthy. I tried a ‘Cafe Miel’, coffee with honey and cinnamon. The presence of honey catered the need for sugar and cinnamon superbly added to its taste. Their ‘Hazelnut Hot Chocolate’ is a recommended…

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Trap House Cafe, Indore

My Delicious Journey

Trap House Cafe, located in the main road of Bhawar Kuan is among the must-visit newly opened in the area. And is easily spotted as “the one with all the glass” cafe. The ambiance will surely make you feel like trapped inside a room but with all the good food and music.

I got an early opportunity to taste most of their delicacies. The food menu is more Indian oriented which is rare to spot these days. I started with the chef’s special ‘Sting Operation Mocktail’, it’s refreshing until the last sip. The ‘Ferrero Rocher Thick Shake’ is served with the right amount of sweetness and a tint of the chocolate. ‘Paneer Malai Tikka’, ‘Veg Kebab’ and ‘Veg Pizza’ are highly recommended starters for the vegetarians. For the main course, I tried a ‘Chicken Fried Rice’, a ‘Veg Hyderabadi Biryani’ which was prepared with the perfect blend of spices…

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