Cafe Peterdonuts, Prabhat Road, Pune

Loved it!

My Delicious Journey

This outlet of Peterdonuts is the most commodious of all. They have a serene and a poised ambiance. The interior here is quite impressive, high-toned and captivating. One will definitely love their comfortable and snuggling seating arrangements. I liked the color palette of this place. So much  of reds, blacks and some whites. The ambiance here is usually calm. Thus, a peaceful place to spend some quality time.

I definitely ordered a donut here, a custard donut with a coffee alongside. I was refused to get served a hot donut because warming it up in an oven would make all the custard filling spread and spill out (as said by a waiter). For my surprise there was just a dinky amount of custard filling inside and  the donut was insipid.

I went to Peterdonuts to kill my craving for waffles and was highly satisfied. They really serve some luscious waffles…

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