Cafe Palette, Indore

My Delicious Journey

Cafe Palette is located in Old Palasia, Indore. It is yet another home turned into a cafe kind. The main cafe is on the 1st floor and the ground floor has an artisan bakery, an ice cream parlor and an exhibition hall for artists and designers to sell their works of arts. And the top floor is usually reserved for parties.

I had a chance to order a wide variety of dishes here. The Greek Salad here is tangy and refreshing with the perfect combination of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, onions, and olives, topped with feta cheese in a lemon vinegar dressing. The Alfredo Creamy Pasta is one of the dishes to be tried, its a classic blend of creamy mushroom and cheese sauce. But the Corn Cheese Rolls are just passable. Keep your meal refreshed with their Kiwi Mojito. The prices are very nominal for the quality and quantity they serve.


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