O2 Cafe De La Ville – Indore

My Delicious Journey

O2 Cafe De La Ville is like a hidden gem; a cafe less talked about (at least in the circle I live). They do serve dishes with a twist and fusion. They have a small shop-cum-boutique inside the cafe and also offer various books/magazines to pass your time.

My friend recommended this place and the dishes to order, their menu is quite engaging though with various type of tempting dishes. I tried a “Mushroom Cappucino Risotto”, all the ingredients nicely blend in; a fusion “Dhokla Fry”, prepared live in front of your eyes using nitrogen, it was cold and tasted satisfactory; a cup of “Black Coffee” to kill my sleepy vibes and finally a “Red Velvet Kulfi Block” for the dessert, it was a perfect model of kulfi mounted over so-called red velvet cake. This dish tasted nothing like a red velvet cake and didn’t seem fresh.

It’s one of the very…

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