Ni Hao – Radisson Blu Hotel, Indore

My Delicious Journey

Ni Hao means ‘Hello’ in Mandarin, will surely expatriate you to a world of authentic Chinese and Asian food. My search for some delicious and mouth-watering Asian food did end here. Do savor the meals here while in Indore.

I was fortunate enough to get served in an actual Chinese way, starting right from the ‘Jasmine Tea’ to whole lotta ‘Desserts’. The Head Chef made sure we get to taste every traditional dish and kept us notifying with the ingredients, preparations, and all the tiny details. I already feel like a connoisseur in Asian food. I had few Chicken Shumai (open-faced dim sum), cheese corn spring rolls, prawns and fish. I assure you to have relished the best sushi here, wrapped in smoked salmon with the very fine assorted filling and a tint of ginger.

For the main course, I had ‘Jasmine Rice’ served with ‘Lamb Rendang’, a spicy lamb stew…

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