Oladar Village Cafe, Udaipur

My Delicious Journey

Oladar Village Cafe is hardly a 5-minute walk from the City Palace. This cafe is a part of ‘The Haveli of House of Oladar’ and has a story to tell. As the name says, this cafe is based on a village theme with its relic and interior inspired by the fusion of European & Indian villages. And one of the very cafes in Udaipur located on the main street.

The menu starts with the history and the story of this place. The coffees here are a must, I had tried ‘Oladar Blue Frappe’ which comes with a tint of blue and a slight taste of blueberry. The ‘Egg Noodles’ came in the right quantity to serve two, it was delicious and the spices were perfectly blended. For the dessert, I went for their ‘Classic Waffle’ which was topped with strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice-cream and served with maple syrup.


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