Grandmama’s Cafe, Mumbai

My Delicious Journey

Grandmama’s Cafe is definitely among the must-visit cafes of Mumbai. I happen to land at their Dadar outlet while looking for a power breakfast in the neighborhood. I’m writing this review after almost a two-year visit to this place but the memories are still crisp.

They offer a fusion of Indian, Italian and Parsi food recipes. The food from Grandmama’s kitchen will surely give you a homely feeling. Their menu, in fact, is quite fun to read with those little as we call it “दादी माँ के नुस्खे” from Italy to India. The dishes are mostly tilted toward healthy food. I ordered one basic waffle, served hot with maple syrup and topped with ice-cream. It was delish till the last bite. I had a blue lagoon cooler on the side to keep up with the morning refreshment. The price is very rational for the food quality offered.

The cafe interior…

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